My Daddy's Rod

One of my fondest memories as a child was fishing on Dickson Lake with my Dad.  And what I remember most was when Dad would hand me his rod and say, “Here fish with this for a while”.... [Read More]

Carrying Your Rod: Tip First or Butt First

Carrying a “rigged up” rod around brush can be a tricky situation. Tip first catches more snags and brush, and the tip can be rammed into the ground or a tree.  But, if you carry your... [Read More]

Terrific Guide to Fishing Hooks

If you’re like me, you may not always know which hooks to use for a particular situation.  I recently took a stroll through a hook aisle at a large sporting goods store – and I w... [Read More]

Jim Schwartz looks forward to next week's charity fishing tournament

We love the Detroit Lions here at - so whenever we can combine fishing and the Lions, it's epic! Check out this article by Tim Twentyman, Lead Writer for!... [Read More]

Bass Fishing for Beginners

Are you interested in learning how to bass fish or would you like some tips on how to teach someone to bass fish? The good folks over at have compiled (and are continuing to compile) so... [Read More]

Salmon Update – Western Shore

Good reports on king salmon last weekend on Michigan’s western shore.   Out of Muskegon good catches of kings could be found between 150 to 200 feet deep, per Kyle Buck of Great Lakes Guide... [Read More]

Using stick/body baits when fishing for trout

Trout season is well under way with many anglers using dry flies and spinners. But what if you're interested in waging battle with the largest trout in the river? Have you considered using stickbaits ... [Read More]

VanDam's 6 best crankbait colors

If you think Sexy Shad is Kevin VanDam’s favorite crankbait color, you’d be right … but only a third of the time. “Sexy shad is awfully good in a lot of situations, but I only... [Read More]

Angler input sought on Upper Peninsula rivers for brook trout research

The Department of Natural Resources today announced that select rivers across the Upper Peninsula will be part of an angler survey effort starting this spring. The survey is designed to evaluate publi... [Read More]

A Team Effort to Land a World Record Musky

What does it take to land a world record musky on 8lb test line? How about 3 friends, 2 boats, and a rope! Just ask Joseph Seeberger. He achieved the feat on October 13th, 2012 while fishing for smal... [Read More]

Torch Lake produces world record Atlantic salmon

The last thing Tom Aufiero expected last October, while fly fishing Torch Lake for Atlantic salmon, was to hook a world record. But that is what he did. The International Gamefish Association&nbs... [Read More]

Kayak Angler v. Shark

Predator jumps while attacking hooked fish only a few feet away, in an event captured on videotape... [Read More]

Trolling In Wind & Waves

I work a lot and have limited time to fish. So I tend to plan my time carefully then pray that Mother Nature cooperates because I’m going fishing no matter what!  Rain, no problem - I&rsquo... [Read More]

Grilling Your Fish

Here's a good method for grilling your fish. Ingredients Skin-off fillets (figure ½ - 1lb per person) Vidalia Onion Butter Parsley Lemon pepper Salt   Set grill to medium heat While gri... [Read More]

Fish for Our Veterans!

I have a son and daughter-n-law currently serving our country in the United States Navy. So I appreciate any causes that honor and support our troops. Here are a couple of events scheduled for this ye... [Read More]

Techniques for Fishing Walleye

Trolling for Walleye: Vary your speed – troll faster when fish are aggressive. Note: Trolling faster also allows you to cover more water as well. Long rods with planer boards are a good idea to... [Read More]

Proposed Regulations Changes for Northern Pike & Musky

Public meetings are being held throughout the state to discuss proposed regulation changes for these 2 Michigan sport fish.  The new proposals would go into effect April 1st... [Read More]