A Team Effort to Land a World Record Musky

World Record Muskie Requires Team Effort

What does it take to land a world record musky on 8lb test line? How about 3 friends, 2 boats, and a rope! Just ask Joseph Seeberger. He achieved the feat on October 13th, 2012 while fishing for smallmouth on Lake Bellaire in Antrim County.

The beast weighed in at 58 lb and measured 59 in long! Too big for the net, Joe’s friends tried multiple tricks to help land the fish. They were finally able to slip a loop of dock rope over the lunker and bring him aboard!

The catch bested the previous state record of 50 lb 8 oz and 56 in long - caught by Kyle Anderson on Torch Lake.

There are multiple articles out there that tell the story. I recommend the article by…

Matt Straw February 20, 2013 In-Fisherman


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