Carrying Your Rod: Tip First or Butt First

Carrying a “rigged up” rod around brush can be a tricky situation. Tip first catches more snags and brush, and the tip can be rammed into the ground or a tree.  But, if you carry your rod butt first, make sure your friends are not walking up behind you!  - Inspired by Lamar Underwood: 1001 Fishing Tips.

As an added bonus, I learned the hard way how to strap my rod down on a flat bottomed bass boat.  A few years ago I went fishing with a buddy – a tournament fisherman with a really nice bass boat.  As we got in, I strapped my rod down to the deck with the butt end closest to the motor.  I had never been on this type of boat and my friend “showed out” and opened it up to about 60 mph on the way to our first hole of the day. When we got there, my pole was gone with the wind!  My friend felt bad that he forgot to tell me that the butt end goes toward the front of the boat so that the reel  catches on the strap and holds the rod down (sigh).  But all was not lost – my friend was sponsored by La Croix, and gave me a very nice rod and reel combo for my trouble!

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